Looks good; works even better!

Not just a pretty face, Poddi is the most fully-featured Podcast app on Windows Phone

Poddi won't waste your time

Squeeze that 40-minute podcast into your thirty-minute break with Compressed Playback.

Just what you want, just when you want it

Other podcatchers let you download episodes automatically, but Poddi lets you decide exactly what episodes you want. You don't want the short episodes? That's fine. Only want certain shows in collection? Cool. Only want a show when a particular guest is on? That's great too.

Poddi makes sure that the podcasts you want are ready when you are.

Always working, behind the scenes

Poddi keeps an eye on your subscriptions in the background. As soon as something arrives, you get it.

Poddi will usually use free data where it can, but if you want to use your mobile data allowance, just say so, and you'll never miss a thing.

Pin-up idol

Pin your very favourite podcasts to your start screen and you'll see when there are new episodes straight away!

Stay up to date

Poddi's timeline view shows you all of downloaded episodes in date order. Jump to this week, last week, even that classic episode from 2007!

Always on-trend

We'd never dream of telling you how your phone should look, so Poddi follows your theme preferences - light or dark, rich chocolate, lime green, or hot pink, Poddi can wear it with style!